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AfroCom Super-App

The new Africa: a Tansnational Afro-civil Community Platform 

A platform as a tool

Why and What? 

We live in a time of massive institutional failure where our individual and collective actions yield undesirable outcomes. The list is well known: inequalities, climate change, hunger, poverty, terrorism, violence, destruction of communities, nature, and life — the very foundations of our social, economic, ecological, and spiritual welfare.

These times call for a new consciousness and a new collaboration and collective leadership capacity to meet these challenges in a more conscious, intentional, and strategic way. The development of such a capacity would allow us to create a future of greater possibilities.

That such capacity is the AfroCom Super - app.

A platform as a tool born out of the Ubujima Initiative: a transnational Afro-civil movement to mobilize and connect all things African (people, history, culture, ideas and aspirations, resources, etc) towards co-creating a new transnational Africa as desired by and for all.

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Transforming Digital Connection and Empowerment

AfroCom is not just another social media but a next-generation ecosystem platform reshaping the way we connect and engage digitally. As a platform as a tool for the global Afro-community, it unites and empowers individuals and communities across Africa and the diaspora through collective intelligence and community-chain technology, all powered by open-source software.

Well-being and Collective Growth

At AfroCom, our core mission is to enhance individual well-being while fostering a strong sense of community. Through a range of features supporting personal growth, and conscious and vibrant community interactions, we're more than an app – we're a movement for collective empowerment.

The Ultimate Super App Experience

Experience the convenience of consolidating your digital world into one platform. AfroCom offers a comprehensive suite of services, from self-improvement to networking, entertainment, e-commerce, education, and fintech. We simplify your online life, allowing you more time for what truly matters – connections with family, nature, and yourself.


Harnessing Collective Intelligence

Embrace the power of collective intelligence (CI) with AfroCom. Our platform values community wisdom over machine-based intelligence, promoting open-source collaboration for superior outcomes. Join us in reshaping the world through shared knowledge and collective thought.

Innovating with Community (Pod)-Chain Technology

Explore our groundbreaking community (pod)-chain technology, an eco-friendly solution utilizing unused users' device storage for secure, decentralized cloud networks. With enhanced privacy, security, and efficiency, this technology revolutionizes digital infrastructure without the environmental impact of traditional data farm centers.

As an organization

AfroCom Co-op

AfroCom, short form for Afro-community, is a grass root level cooperative organization of people and organizations from different backgrounds drawing their strength from community-ness, collaboration, modern science and technology, and from the traditional African belief that the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all.

Our Mission is to mobilize the global afro-community towards building an innovative community of shared ecosystem that fosters conscious connectivity and collaboration towards re-imagining and co-creating a better Africa and Afro-communities globally

As an entity, we are AfroCom CO-OP (short for AfroCom Cooperative) and are incorporated as a multi-level cooperative with two main classes of shareholders with different equity ownership and related requirements:

  • A primary class of change-makers (founders, collaborators, investors) with 20% equity ownership and,

  • A secondary class of platform users (the general public) with 80% equity ownership.

Built through co-creation

Get involved

To ace our mission means co-creating with all the community stakeholders through discussions, decision-making, and building sustainable solutions to enhance our collective well-being.

Co-creation hub

Co-create sharing your expertise or passion and share in the return benefits (equity). Our co-creation hub summarizes our ongoing discussions, plans, activities, and how you can contribute your unique skills and resources to co-create this platform with the community

Any donation counts!

A big thank you in advance !!!

You may pledge any amount to support building and scaling AfroCom. 

In return, we hope you love and enjoy our "Thank-you" package.

Let's make is viral!

Ubuntu - " I am because of you". We need all Africans on board to experience our collective power - network effect.

We give you all the tools you need to promote AfroCom on your social media or website and in return, earn commissions on any referral donation.

Spread the love and word!

Open-Source Software

Explore and contribute code to our Open Source Software (OSS) initiatives, including the AfroCom AI initiative (AKI) and the AfroCom platform initiative


"It takes a community to build a community"
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Mar 26



Mar 26

Sir, you are truly inspiring 🙏🏾✊🏾


Jun 24, 2023

Just what Africa needs in this time of our human growth and awareness

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