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“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better” 
- Maya Angelou -


Together, let's build a brighter future for Africa.

AfroCom seeks partnerships with organizations and individuals who share our commitment to creating equal opportunities for all. We welcome collaboration with:

  • Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations: Working alongside NGOs and government bodies to address critical issues facing African communities.

  • Businesses and Investors: Partnering with businesses to create a more inclusive and sustainable digital economy in Africa.

  • Global Citizens: Collaborating with individuals passionate about fostering positive change in Africa.

Why Partner with AfroCom?

  • Shared Values: Become part of a movement driven by the principle of equal opportunity and a vision of a new social paradigm in Africa.

  • Amplify Your Impact: Combine your resources and expertise with AfroCom's growing user base and reach to achieve greater impact.

  • Co-create Solutions: AfroCom promotes a collaborative approach, fostering innovation and tailored solutions for Africa's unique challenges.

Ready to join us?

We invite you to explore partnership opportunities with AfroCom. Contact us today to discuss how we can work together to empower African communities and build a brighter future.


1- Do you have skills or a desire to contribute to a positive change? AfroCom, a soon-to-be worker cooperative, is seeking passionate members and volunteers to join the AfroCom Team on this exciting journey!


2- Campaigning for Change, Together

We give you all the tools you need to promote AfroCom on your social media, website, or within your network and earn commissions of 9 -15% on any referral donation 


We love social causes and changes - let's work together

Are you involved or running any afro-community-related charity, project or campaign? Through our partnership, we will proudly work together toward the campaign or project success. Currently, we offer the opportunity to reach the global afro-community members and some tools to engage with them on  AfroCom platform


Our AfroCom platform has got you covered - marketing, customer relation, online presence, finance, trainings, human resource management and all the likes

Business owners (especially of African root) providing products and services for the afro-community but importantly promote our afro culture, AfroCom has got you covered. AfroCom lets you spend your time doing what you enjoy doing (your art, product, service) and we provide your business all it needs to strive.


To save one person is to save a community

Every work or thing is related and connected - thus our work goes a long way to impact Western nations and vice versa. We, therefore, love and proudly partner with nations and governments in shaping policies and agendas that directly or indirectly impact the livelihood of the diaspora or Afro-communities. We have and are currently building features within our AfroCom platform that address refugee issues, unemployment, and some inequality (resources access, work, treatment), among a whole other issues.


Investing in humanity, and not - for profit


Though our business model guarantees solid returns on investment, we believe the greatest returns AfroCom offers is the sense and joy of community impact and growth towards the well-being of all


We really love and appreciate hearing from you - thanks


If your option of partnership is not covered here, please contact us

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