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The New Africa Through Ubujima!

An Utopic Africa: communally defined to compass direct democracy, free basic needs and the unification of African people through Ubujima.

Ubujima as described by the founders is a Swaheli wordplay meaning creativity, collective work and responsibility. Surprisingly, the foundations registered name is Ubujima.

A NGO devoted solely for rebuilding Africa by the people, of the people and for the people.

The question, how possible is this or this is just another hopeful wish.

Impressively, these founders are not just preachers but taking things to the next level. Quoting the main founder,

" The world we live is just a summation of peoples dreams & doings. For example, Iphone which was Steve's fantasy/dream is today a reality. A new Africa could be seen in the light of a mere fantasy or wishful dreaming but only time tells"

With traction already in place and donors, investors and all others running it, these founders know exactly what they are up to.

Worth noting how radical every feature of the foundation is as compared today's traditional institutions; profit or not for profit.

Thier foundation’s site serves as their public manifesto, plus all their accountability reports, news and events. It also invites and solicits site visitors’ views, thoughts, opinion, proposals, criticism, etc towards working together and achieving thier shared vision

Ubujima’s ANoT platform (current & App) provides the African population (the youth) and any changemakers with the digital tools and resources to take charge of their own communities and destinies.

Apparently there is more in their pipeline of activities and

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