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Co-creation Hub

Building a brighter future for Africa Together!

AfroCom is a community-driven super-app platform empowering the global African community through co-creation.

We leverage each other's skills and resources to build a shared ecosystem that fosters our individual well-being and collective growth.

This Deck summarizes what we are, our ongoing discussions, plans, and activities. It also shows you how you can contribute your unique skills and resources to co-create this platform with us.

Dive in and discover:​


Our Story

Learn about AfroCom's visions, missions, goals and how it aims to mobilize and empower the African community.

Ubujima Initiative  >

AfroCom as an Ubujima Initiative to connect everything African

Our Roadmap

Get a glimpse into AfroCom's past, present, and future plans

Super-app Features

AfroCom super-app ecosystem features and impact 

2024 Activitives

Get a glimpse what we are doing today and in 2024


AfroCom as a Workers' Cooperative organization

The people

A global team from diverse backgrounds united by building a thriving Africa


Ways to Get Involved

Explore various opportunities to contribute your skills and expertise, whether it's simply sharing your voice or ideas, contributing code and design or helping with documentation, publicity, finance, management, legal, design, and more,

​We also encourage passive participation in shaping both AfroCom platform and organization

Share your concerns, thoughts and ideas

Share your voice

​How can AfroCom be useful to you and how can you be part?

Request a feature

Request for and discuss features with the global afro-community within the app

Our Structure

Comment and share your thoughts on our  structure and governance.

Whether you have time to volunteer or want a more committed co-creation role, AfroCom welcomes your contributions. 

Co-creatorship or Volunteering


We love and appreciate volunteers! - please get in touch.


Do you want a more committed co-creation role with equity - let us know.

Open Vacancies

Explore our current open vacancies waiting to be filled

Contribute code to our Open Source Software (OSS) initiatives, including the AfroCom AI initiative (AKI) and the AfroCom platform initiative

Open Source Software

AKI Repository

Github repo for harnessing Collective and Artificial Intelligence for well-being

AfroCom Repository

Github repo for co-creating AfroCom platform - the new Africa

OSS Organization

Explore the various Ubujima OSS Repositories

Join us in co-writing essential governing documents for Ubujima Initiative (NGO) and AfroCom Cooperative

Collaborative Documentation

Ubujima Manifesto

Join in the structuring with your voice or compiling the various members' voices

Cooperative Docs

Join in the structuring with your voice or compiling the various members' voices

Business Docs

Discuss and compile our underlying business models and sustainability plans

AfroCom is not very lucrative for profit-driven investors as we are more socially driven and give 80% of our profits to the communities we serve.

Invest in Change

Why invest?

Learn about why you should invest in Afro-community impact and not-for-profit 

Donate One Dollar

"One African, One Dollar" crowdfunding campaign to uplift Africa

Business Docs

About why we are crowdfunding over traditional investment opportunities

We invite individuals and social media influencers to co-create with us by helping us spread the word about AfroCom.

Spread the Word

Promote AfroCom and earn commissions on any referral donation

Our social media outlets

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Other ways you can be involved in co-creating AfroCom

We believe that staying connected is crucial, and we value your feedback on how we can improve. Also, subscribe to our weekly newsletters to stay updated and enjoy exclusive content. Thank you for being a part of our community!

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AfroCom is more than just a platform; it's a movement.

Let's work together to build a thriving Africa, one contribution at a time

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