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A letter to Africa & Africans – at home & in the diaspora

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb

The New Africa Through Co-creation

As Africa emerges, rises, and begins to forge a more positive outlook ahead, a concerted efforts to rethink the future and come up with relevant and sustainable ideas for the future is fundamental.

There are a whole lot of initiatives - startups & projects, organizations, digital contents, discussions & forums, etc, - voiced and directed at the “Africa we want” today and tomorrow.

It is very consoling seeing everyone contributing in their own ways – kudos to all.

However, without a concerted front and a shared direction we see a domed Africa in the future despites all these initiatives. One that is worser than today or worst - shares the same narrative of the West (US) today in areas of income gap & extreme poverty, inhumane iOT & businesses, flawed & fraud democracy, exploitation, on and on it goes.

Proposal - Concerted Front and Shared Direction

It is no doubt that, the future of any sustainable innovation and any socially minded change is co-creation.

Ubujima is a communal catalyst & co-creation platform, owned and run by the grassroot African & Black community, and aims at directing and shaping these initiatives towards “the Africa we want”. A Utopic Africa that compasses free basic needs, direct democracy, humane iOT, conscious economy, & environmentally conscious Africa.

Ubujima - a Swahili wordplay for creativity, collective work and responsibility.

In practice, through the Ubujima's 360 ANoT platform, all members (esp. change-makers) collectively discuss, collaborate, and build things towards our shared visions. Additionally, we provide support & partner with all existing initiatives and institutions for such social change through funding, tools, informatics, and target community engagement. And of course, the other way round.


Ubujima platform principally encompasses digital tools for resource & community networking, collaboration & project building, continental oversight, and engagement, etc. Additionally, the platform acts as an internet aggregator (iOT) and provides all the major features from today’s tech giants platforms but afrocentric focus. Strategically, this nature allows us to raise billions in revenue which we then invest into community projects targeting building a better community and Africa as a whole for all.

Call to Action!

Ubujima is reaching out to all (especially Africans, the community & institutions) to join hands in building this new Africa. Any contribution is gratefully welcomed and appreciate more contributions pan-Africanist, people & community-centric, consciousness, futuristic in nature.

- “He who wishes to secure the good of others has already secured his own” -

Additionally, our underlying 80/20 principle (give and take) encourages the community members’ contribution & engagement whilst at the same time pushing for fairness in rewarding such contributions and community centeredness. We all give 20% or 80% and take back 80% or 20% respectively – you choose.

Content Creators & Influencers - Blog or Article writer, Influencers, Artist, other digital contents

Incentives- Content monetization through views, likes, comment, followers or gain per click or view (GPC/V)

Open-source software - Data scientist, AI, Software Programmers & Designers, etc.

Incentives 20% of the worth of the platform is distributed among our open-source software contributors.

Management Team (Team members) - open workplace for leaders, visionaries, strategist, activists, anthropologists, linguists, educators, project managers, financiers, lawyers, translators, marketers, journalists, artists, influencers, social & civil scientists, data scientist, etc.

Incentives- 20% of platform transaction earnings per area of work. Where area could be regional, country, city, or town.

Independent contributors

- Philanthropism - Your fund donations will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Donations to the foundation goes into community decided projects or chose and back a project by platform member or groups. Any donation is published and visible to you and the public. You may also opt to be anonymous.

- Voluntarily connect & share Ubujima to your network of influential individuals, organizations & institutions.

- “Come & Go” workplace allows skilled individuals & professionals to contribute voluntarily or on a compensation basis.

Incentive - For the later, pick an Ubujima job and get paid 80% or 20% (you choose) of the current US hourly market rate for the skills or service provided.

- We invite all Change-Makers notably NGOs & Activists, Entrepreneurs & Innovators, SME to come on board with their projects & ideas.

Incentives - fund opportunities, projects & co-creations tools, community engagement, informatics

African & Black Public (General Membership) – it takes a community to build a community - for each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to contribute.

Incentives - members’ engagement in making collective changes associated with monetization through discussions, polls & surveys, likes, comments, followers.

Businesses ­– Brick & Mortar Business, Online Business, Digital Content Business, Publicity & Marketing

Incentives - As the biggest digital black community, our platform gives businesses global reach, ability to engage with consumers, informatics and vast support towards growth, consciousness – socially & economically.

Institutions & Partnerships - notably the AU. We are open to support and partnership with all institutions around the globe who are working to give all people the same chance to thrive, no matter where they live

We look forward to joining hands with all

Ubujima Foundation - All About Ubujima

Ubujima ANoT Platfrom - ANOT - African Network of Things

- Please pardon the grammar - if you can help please get in touch -

About Author

I believe

" The World Yesterday, Our Lives Today and The World Tomorrow - is our Own Creation"

Join me let's co-create the New Africa together

Currently, I am the main working member & contributor of Ubujima and therefore calling out to all who share in the ideas and aspirations of the foundation.

Any help will go a long way.

Connect with me on Ubujima, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


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