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African's IoT Challenge

The name is Ubujima and they don't only share the profit with the member base but rather the members own and run the platform.

It is blockchain to the next level but this time proudly of Africa, by Africans and for Africa.

Next level in the sense that the platform is being built in an open software environment hence developers can come and go.

But to what these developer build is entirely decided by the platform members through discussions & comments, surveys & polls, AI analytics backing, etc

Currently incorporated as Ubujima US foundation for the ease of incorporation, business transactions, etc. as compared to incorporation in Ghana, its mother office.

Curious about your share of the money when u sign up?

Its simple, fun but more realistic taking into consideration social and human psychology.

As from their website - transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability of all stakeholders. Hence their binding 80/20 Pareto Principle.

For example;

- the community decisions and actions are decided by the members (80% veto) and the management team (20% veto).

- members are incentivized financial in their involvements and contribution in matters relating to the community & their livelihood.

- allocating and distributing resources is carried out fairly and easily through this principle

- partnering and collaborating with third parties (artists, content creators, businesses, etc.) through the principle enforce socially responsible partnerships

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