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AfroCom is a community-oriented platform aimed at improving Afro-citizens's well-being and fostering community growth through collective intelligence and open-source technologies.

Based on real-time and geo-location to connect the global Afro-community, AfroCom's super-app ecosystem seamlessly provides various unrelated services via a single interface. These include self-development, networking, entertainment, e-commerce, education, fintech, business solutions, to e-government services.

AfroCom goes beyond social media, prioritizing your well-being with personalized tips for mind, body, and spirit. We tackle basic needs like food and work while building a thriving community together. Simplify your digital life with our all-in-one platform, and make more time for loved ones, nature, and spirituality. As a Pan-African platform, AfroCom empowers you to co-create solutions for a better Africa – from institutions and inequality to climate change and poverty.

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Everything African Sustainably 

​Through co-creation with the afro-community, we are building the next humane digital platform that seamlessly connects everything African at all levels towards promoting citizens' well-being, community-ness, and change-making.


We believe that to succeed sustainably in our efforts requires a deep foundation to leap from - and thus our four Cs



A harmonious world for all requires the awareness to awaken our collective being as one (God). Only then can we truly realize our true potential and possibilities



The whole is contained in every single piece. Connecting the pieces with clarity of direction is central in creating possibilities and transforming realities



As a critical element for any sustainable development and modern(ity) society,  AfroCom is community-centric in its solutions, processes, organization, etc.



To maximize our community impact means co-creating at all stage with all community stakeholders especially the grass-root (individuals, groups, and organizations)

Driven by
Collective Intelligence 

Meet AKI,

An Open-Source Software AI that harnesses Collective Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence for User-Centric Experience, Collaborative Problem-Solving, and Community Development within the global Afro-community through the AfroCom Super-app Platform.

AKI could mean Afro- (k)Collective Intelligence or traced back to name origins of Africa, Japan, and Finland.


To be part of the continual co-creation of this Collective Intelligence: refer to AKI's OSS (Experts) or Download AfroCom from the app stores.

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The Impact on

AfroCom aims through its humane digital platform to collectively create with its users, life-changing solutions for various stakeholders of the Afro-community.

AfroCom is entirely free for all - explore what is in stock for you;

Benefits - General users

AfroCom platform users (members) are the central importance of all we do and are about. All our built-in features or tools are geared towards empowering the individual user towards the full potential of his/her well being.

Some features

User well-being

  • Holistic "well-being" Assistant powered by collective Intelligence (CI) to facilitate optimize user's general health (physical and mental) and spiritual growth

  •  providing opportunities of availability and abundance in areas of basic needs, work, sense of community, and others

Work and Workplace

  • A job portal for recruiters and candidates to post new jobs as well as to look for new job openings respectively

  • Digital workplaces that facilitates knowledge sharing and access, collaboration and a connected environment providing access to everything individuals and teams need to perform their work and responsibilities, regardless of their location or which device they use


  • High-performing physical and digital education ecosystem features that promote access to relevant, vetted and organized educational information (books, online course and trainings, how-to videos portal, research work - both CI and community assisted and driven

Community -driven

  • Both community and social base networking 

  • Community-driven post-sharing, connectivity and co-creation

  • Community posts and features are geo-tagged and include complains, alert, proposals, projects, meetups and events, offers, gigs open markets, community meetings, forums, groups, and a whole lot


  • Access funds for any positive cause; be it personal, for family, for friends, or anyone in need

  • Fintech services on personal levels such as Alternative credit scoring, Alternative insurance underwriting,Transaction delivery, Peer-to-peer lending, Small ticket loans, Payment gateways, Digital wallets, Asset Management

Data & Informatics

  • This feature provides acquisition, storage, security, integration, distribution, and management of data along with processing it and providing useful informatics to increase the efficiency and well being of users and communities as a whole


  • Movies, shows, documentary streaming (Netflix-like)

  • Music streaming (spotify-like),

  • Random video contents (youtube and IG reels-like)

  • Gaming features

  • Outdoor events: community streaming, music and games


  • C2C: Peer to peer e-commerce allows and provides tools for users to exchange goods or services. An ebay feature, where users with account can opt to sell as well as buy products 

  • B2C: With the marketplace, individuals can access and purchase from a wide selection of products and services from local and global brands and vendors.

E-government G2C

  • Through G2C (Government-To-Citizens) features we alert and indulge users in governmental policies affecting their livelihood and ability for them to channel their concerns and be heard.

"It takes a community to build a community"
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23. 6. 2023

Waaaow, this should be the first of it's kind - revolutionary

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