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Beautiful Sunset

 "If there is no struggle, there is no progress"

- Frederick Douglass -

Our journey:

past, present & future

2020: Inspired by Crisis, Envisioning Change

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for a stronger support system in Africa. We began with the idea of a covert app specifically designed to address the immediate challenges faced during the crisis.

2021: Ubujima - A Platform for Empowerment

Our vision grew beyond crisis response. Ubujima, a multipurpose platform, was launched as a US-based NGO. Ubujima aimed to empower individuals, civil society organizations, and businesses within the African community. Launched as  and while it offered some functionality, we recognized the limitations of an NGO model for long-term, sustainable growth.

2022: AfroCom Emerges - A More Sustainable Future

Ubujima's success underscored the need for a community-driven, collaborative approach. AfroCom was born, established as a worker cooperative to ensure long-term financial stability and community ownership. This model fosters shared ownership and empowers AfroCom to achieve its full potential.

2023: Laying the Foundation for Growth

Throughout 2023, we focused on research, data collection, and strategic planning. Key activities included:

  • AfroCom Design and Development: The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) prioritized community networking features.

  • Building the Team: Recruiting passionate individuals to support AfroCom's mission.

  • Establishing Partnerships: Connecting with stakeholders to amplify AfroCom's impact.

  • Strategic Communication: Raising awareness through targeted publicity and social media engagement.

2024: Launching the Dream - AfroCom MVP and Beyond

Our primary objective for 2024 is the successful launch of the AfroCom MVP, focusing on community-networking functionalities. We will also continue our efforts in:

  • General Publicity: Spreading the word about AfroCom's vision and potential.

  • Partnership Development: Building strong collaborations to maximize impact.

  • Team Expansion: Bringing new talent on board to support AfroCom's growth.

2025:and Beyond: Scaling to Empower Africa

The year 2025 marks the beginning of significant scaling for AfroCom. We plan to:

  • Enhance the Platform: Maintain existing features while adding new functionalities to create a true super-app experience.

  • Growth and Expansion: Increase user base, partnerships, and team size to solidify AfroCom's position within the African community.

  • Fundraising: Secure resources to fuel future development and ongoing operations. ($2 million target by year-end)

  • User Acquisition: Reach 2 million active users by the end of 2024.

  • Legal Compliance: Ensure adherence to legal regulations in the African Union, European Union, and the United States

2030: AfroCom's Vison

By 2030, AfroCom envisions a transformed digital landscape for Africa:

  • Super-App Ecosystem: A fully functional and comprehensive super app will cater to all aspects of users' lives, offering seamless integration for various needs.

  • AfroWeb3: We aim to deploy a stable user chain, a blockchain-based cloud network, fostering secure and transparent transactions within the AfroCom platform.

  • Empowering the Connected Home: AfroCom will explore Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives, potentially integrating AfroCom-enabled TVs and other smart home devices for a more interconnected user experience.

  • 6 Billion Strong: Our ultimate goal is to reach a massive user base of 6 billion monthly active users (MAU), striving to connect every African above the age of 12.

This ambitious vision positions AfroCom as a central hub for digital inclusion, economic empowerment, and a unified African community.

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